Why Fall/Autumn lawncare is SO important!

Many people worry about their lawns in the Spring and Summer but neglect to take the proper care during what might be, arguably, the most important time to do so:  Fall/Autumn!



Keep on Mowing?

YES!  Continue  to water (if necessary) and mow your lawn, as needed, throughout the fall. Then as the season  draws to a close, drop the mower’s blade to its lowest setting for the last two  cuttings of the year. That will allow more sunlight to reach the crown of the  grass, and there will be less leaf to turn brown during the winter.


Fall is  also an IDEAL time to aerate your lawn so that oxygen, water, and fertilizer can  easily reach the grass’s roots.  Check this out for more info on Core Aeration: http://www.ambi-inc.com/blog/archives/67


Fall Clean-Ups:

I know  raking leaves is no one’s idea of fun, but it’s important to remove fallen  leaves from your lawn as soon as possible. Don’t wait until all the leaves have  fallen from the trees to start raking. If you do, the leaves will become wet  from rain and morning dew, stick together, and form an impenetrable mat that will suffocate the grass and breed fungal diseases if not raked/blown away.  “Mulching” leaves with a lawn tractor or lawnmower is easier but does change the pH level of your soil – so make sure that mulch is bagged or taken away at the end of this process.

Fertilization is KEY!

If you were given one opportunity to “feed your lawn” – choose the FALL!  A fall application of fertilizer delivers essential nutrients for the  grass to grow deep roots now and to keep nutrients on reserve for a healthy  start next spring.
Wait until mid-to-late fall, then apply a dry lawn  fertilizer to all grassy areas; be careful not to miss any spots.

Prune those bushes/shrubs!

During the fall all perennials should be dead headed to reassure a fresh appearance in the spring!  Additionally, this allows you to control seed dispersal that happens when plants continue growing.

Also focus on pruning dead branches/limbs from trees and larger shrubs that may be a safety hazard during the winter months and general shrub/plant thinning will promote healthier growth in the springtime.


Find a reputable company to help you!

Winterizing your lawn/yard can be a tireless task but the only chance you have to ensure that it is all thriving in the spring.  Ask friends/family who they would recommend or neighbors that may work with lawn care companies already who they might recommend. Do your research – check out their website and look for reviews/testimonials to see what others might be saying.



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