What is hardscaping?

When we talk to our prospective clients about their yards, we often use the term “hardscape” and most times we are presented with a look that says something like “say, what!?”

So we decided it was time to give a better breakdown of the term as it’s often not used often enough outside the landscape industry to be recognizable to many people.

First of all, don’t overthink it – the term hardscaping actually implies what it means – hard materials used to create/enhance parts of your yard.  Some examples include:  brick, stone, pavers (landscape style “bricks”, generally made of various colored concrete, that are used for external applications/flooring), metal, even wood!

Some ideas of the projects included under the term hardscaping are:  patios, walkways, fire pits, stone walls, wooden fencing, gravel or stepping stone pathways, and you get the idea. If you’re a visual person, here’s an idea, in pictures, of what hardscape projects look like:  http://www.ambi-inc.com/hardscape.html 


In a nutshell, your yard projects can be broken into two categories:  hardscape and softscape.  Hardscape is anything that uses hard materials as part of the installation, while softscaping uses plant materials, and refers more to the maintenance of your lawn and yard.  A lot of value can be added to your home with enhanced hardscape projects, simple or elaborate, especially if you’re thinking of selling your home.  For more ideas on projects check out our Pinterest page!

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