The best time for CORE AERATION is in the FALL! 

When your trash can is too full do you often find yourself pushing down to make room for more?  Your lawn is very similar; water and nutrients can not penetrate the soil because the top 4 or 5 inches become so compact it creates a hostile environment for grass to grow.  Core Aeration is a very simple process; plugs are inserted through an aeration machine to allow more oxygen to flow to your grass roots, which creates new grass shoots to grow!


Steps of a normal CORE AERATION process:



By using a simple fix such as Core Aeration you can reduce fertilization needs and watering costs throughout the spring and summer months.



Core Aeration is not expensive and is a quick way to promote healthy lawns throughout the year.  Interested?  Simply check the box for Core Aeration on our services form attached in this packet and you’ll be on your way to greener grass in no time!

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