Watering the lawn: Yea OR Nea?

With our recent dry spell in the Northeast people seem to be wondering more and more about a point we don’t have to put that much thought into around these parts:  watering the lawn.

Q:  Is it necessary to water my lawn?

A:  The short answer here is, it depends.  Not what you were looking for? Lets break it down…Every lawn has different situations that are unique to that lawn specifically:  soils vary, shade covereage of the lawn varies, types of grass varies – heck, even different areas of just one lawn have a great deal of variance.  That being said, an inch a week is, in most cases, sufficient for a lawn to thrive. 

Q:  How do I know if my lawn has gotten a full inch of watering each week?

A:  Rain guages are the perfect tool for this – you can even make one yourself just by using an old tin can or bottle and measuring with a ruler or tape measure.

Q:  What time of day or night is best to water my lawn?

A: The best time of day to water your lawn is at about three or four in the morning when the water pressure is the highest. This way you will accomplish two vital things:

1. The water will have a chance to sufficiently soak into the topsoil.

2. Whatever water is left over will be evaporated when the sun comes up, thereby not giving the water a chance to create any fungi or molds which come about when water just sits around on the surface of your lawn.

Don’t have a sprinkler you can set to do it for you and not really an early riser?  Try to water it as early as possible before the sun comes up.  It is not necessary to do this every day, either…spreading it out is good for the roots of your lawn to go in deeper search of water and drought will happen less quickly.
In ending this article, it’s important to remember that how and when you water your lawn is really entirely up to you and your expectations…if you forget or don’t feel like it, your lawn will come back from its “dryer” looking self in the cooler and wetter weather in the fall.


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