National Lawn Care Month…wait, that’s a thing!?

YES, it is, in fact, a “thing.”  The entire month of April is dedicated to National Lawn Care Month!  And why shouldn’t it be!?  It’s the beginning of the Spring season, which is a perfect time to think about what your lawn and landscape do for you and an optimal time to put some serious thought into how to capitalize on the yard you have so you can enjoy it on those beautiful summer days/nights.

After all, the great American lawn is still truly an idyllic symbol of home ownership. A place for children to play, pets to explore and friends and families to gather. Most of us desire a lush, healthy lawn that invites regular enjoyment and bare-footed fun.

Not only are yards places where memories are made, they offer tremendous environmental benefits as well. Check out this info-graphic below to showcase some of the best things our lawns do for us:

But, bear in mind, all the benefits of a healthy lawn are best experienced with the investment of proper care and maintenance. So, while we are all dreaming about those summer days and nights that make living in New England all winter truly worth it, spend a little time thinking about how to make the most of your yard this year – now’s the time!

For a few pointers on Spring lawncare tips check out this article.

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