Is that MOLD on my GRASS?

Among all of the other things we, as New Englanders, tend to dislike about snow as the Spring rolls around is that it’s been on our lawns too long!  Believe us – the grass feels the same way we do!

Have you started to see something that looks like this on your lawn?

Grass after a long winter!

Grass after a long winter!

OR this:

A close-up view of Pink Snow Mold.

A close-up view of Pink Snow Mold.

The real question now is:  what can we do about the snow mold on our lawns?

Fear not!  Pink or Gray Snow Mold is very common in our areas and is actually a very easy problem to fix!

Get out the rake!  (after a long winter there is NOTHING like being outside raking a LAWN! You can even make it a fun, family activity – well, sort-of! 🙂 )

What this does:  Raking snow mold patches will loosen matted grass and helps the lawn recover quicker. Raking also improves air circulation and sunlight penetration, further assisting the break-down of the fungus. After raking, a light application of fertilizer will promote new grass growth.

If you have a rather large area on your lawn with snow mold and it might need a little more TLC – click here to find out what your other options might be!


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