Heat Waves in New England bring up questions about watering the lawn…

The University of Maryland Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture was recently quoted in Units magazine with some great tips to follow for when and why to water your lawn in hotter, summer months.


~Avoid cutting grass below 2.5 inches – grass that is too short may be more susceptible to turning brown

~Don’t water the lawn at night or at the heat of the day

~Best to water your lawn when the air is cooler – nighttime promotes fungus and mildew of the lawn as it may be too damp

~Start watering at first signs of lawn stress – don’t wait for large patches of brown, do it upon first sightings of brown

~Water deeply not often (grass is best when watered 4-6″ below the surface of the sod)

For more great pointers check out our other blog post on watering the lawn OR check out this helpful video:

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