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What are the benefits of bush hogging or field cutting?

Most people have experience mowing their yards to maintain them for aesthetic reasons.  Some people mow/bush hog their fields or pastures for the same reason.  But beyond it wanting to look nice, there are some very defined benefits to trimming … Continue reading

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Why do some leaves stay on the trees so much longer than others?

It’s mid-November and we have all started the process (or at least starting thinking about the process) of raking the leaves that have fallen in our yards.  In the interest of saving time it would, of course, be optimal to … Continue reading

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Why Fall/Autumn lawncare is SO important!

Many people worry about their lawns in the Spring and Summer but neglect to take the proper care during what might be, arguably, the most important time to do so:  Fall/Autumn!     Keep on Mowing? YES!  Continue  to water … Continue reading

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